Personalized Diet

If you're like me, you've tried every diet plan out there!  I have tried no carb, high
carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, liquid, frozen, prepackaged and even cabbage
soup!  In the end all of these have failed because they all have one thing in
common - deprivation!  I have come to believe that the only thing that works is
the creation of a plan that is balanced, nutritious AND fitted to your

So I decided to do something about it!  I have been doing research and trying
various combinations of things for years.  I finally found something that worked
for me and lost 60 pounds.  I would love to help you do the same.

This plan is so simple!  Fill out the health questionnaire and you will receive a
personalized plan based on your nutrition needs and food preferences.  The plan
will provide you with balance and hopefully include all the things that you need
to keep you on track.

Want to firm up while losing weight?  Want to speed up weight loss by
exercising?  We have just the program for you.  You can work out in the comfort
of you own home with our certified personal trainer via Skype or Facetime.  This
is a revolutionary new way to have the one on one experience of working with a
certified trainer at home.  

Both the health and fitness questionnaires were designed by a certified personal
trainer in conjunction with a licensed professional counselor.  Your answers will
be analyzed by licensed, certified specialists who know how to lose weight and
meet nutritional goals for optimal health.  The questionnaires will help identify
patterns in your eating and triggers that sabotage your success.  They will
provide you with an easy to follow daily food checklist and give you options that
you can live with.  They will identify the best type of weight training/exercise
program for you.  The program created will be based upon your profile and
designed to best promote weight loss for you!

So, if you want to start losing weight on a program that you can follow without
deprivation,  choose your program on the services tab and start your
questionnaire today.  Your results will be analyzed and your plan emailed to you
and a personal fitness evaluation scheduled within 3 days.

If you like you like your plan and want to continue, monthly plans are available to
help you stay on track, answer any questions that come up and make
adjustments to your plan as needed.  Schedule your personal training sessions
weekly or more often based on your need and desire to expedite results.  Losing
weight is hard!  Make it easier for yourself by using a personalized plan that
caters to your needs and preferences.  Start your questionnaires now!
Ever wished you could have a weight loss plan created based
on the foods you love that still meets your nutritional
requirements and lets you lose weight? Is it too expensive to
meet with a nutritionist?  Ever dream of having your own
personal trainer at home? Well we want to create a plan just
for you and make your dreams come true!

"My plan allowed me to choose from a wide variety of foods so that I never felt bored!"
Michelle M.
Why pay for a one size
fits all diet where you
sacrifice all the foods
you love when you can
have one designed just
for you.  Complete the
questionnaires for diet
and fitness and get
started on the road to
a new, smaller,
healthier you!
Get your first eating
plan for just $29.99
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Schedule your
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$75.00.  Then do
weekly sessions
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trainers normally
charge over 75.00
an hour to come to
your home!
"With a personalized
diet plan I was able
to eat all the foods I
love and still lose
weight!"  Amber T

weight!"  Amber